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Valuable Insights from 2023 and Our Look Ahead

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Dear Founders, Leaders, Partners and Friends,

As our first year draws to a close, we are reflecting on the last 12 months with a sense of accomplishment and deep gratitude for your support and partnership. 2023 has been a year of growth, learning and meaningful connections.


The year tested leaders’ resilience, resolve and readiness. Gannett.Partners' mission – “to build confidence, communication, presence and shared humanity in those who lead, and help them implement positive change in their communities and across the globe” – has never been more timely or relevant. Our unique model – one that aligns our incentives with yours through integrated Coaching, Advisory and Capital – is resonating. Demand for this work is evident in our growth. 


Thank you for being part of it.



In our first year of operation, the global business environment was mixed with significant progress and continued uncertainty. It was both the year we crossed The Rubicon of Artificial Intelligence and the year we confirmed that community is necessary for progress. On one hand, accelerating digital innovation, with explosive generative AI growth (and OpenAI drama), ushered in tech’s next chapter – its effect already impacting boards, business and society. On the other, geopolitical conflict, rising interest rates and other disruptions led leaders to re-examine and adapt their priorities. Common among 2023's success stories were strong foundations of fortitude, awareness, clarity and optimism.



Our first year beat all expectations. Today GP is serving clients in 9 countries and 15 industries with 90% retention and a 98 Net Promoter Score. We are a “Startup Leader of the Year” finalist for D Magazine’s 2024 Innovation Awards and have been nominated for a 2024 Tony Hsieh Award. We are beta testing our client software and will soon introduce Coaching Partners in San Francisco and Lisbon to grow our executive and enterprise offerings and expand our global reach. 


But the best part of our year has been supporting a growing community of high-achieving leaders, boards, investors and sports & entertainment talent in a context of growth and impact.



Before we turn our gaze to 2024, I’d like to share a few observations from our first year as Gannett.Partners:


  1. Resilience is Earned, Not Given – Despite a remarkably choppy market, our clients navigated its complexity with unwavering resolve. Many turned reactive orientations into more innovative mindsets – a testament to the hard work and determination they invested in the process – earning every ounce of their well-deserved success. This shift enabled them to manage immediate uncertainty and set them up to build, sustain and grow their businesses through coming market cycles and technological paradigm shifts.

  2. Leaders Who Outperform Know What’s Most Important – Leaders shoulder the responsibility to thrive regardless of what’s facing them today or looming on the horizon. When leaders are not guided by a clear sense of purpose, they are likely to fritter effort away on short-term signs of achievement, instead of focusing on what’s most important. We worked with leaders to strengthen resilience through capability building, much of which centered around helping them rethink what matters most. 

  3. Unlock the Power of Your People – The post-pandemic era ushered in a new normal, in which employees too often feel insufficiently supported and stimulated at work and leaders find themselves disconnected. This is dispiriting for teams and expensive for organizations. In 2023, we worked with leaders, boards and organizations to help executives enhance leadership presence, professional intimacy and OKRs. This process resulted in measurable lifts in morale, well-being, psychological safety and revenue.

  4. Prepare for the Promise of Unpredictability – Resilience is more important than ever. McKinsey research indicates that taking action to strengthen key resilience areas could translate into trillions of dollars of GDP – and better quality of life. Our proprietary Integral Resilience Coaching® (IRC) methodology is an intentionally implemented, tech-enabled coaching solution designed to craft leaders who elevate company culture, employee retention and financial performance, and remain calmer and more in control.



Resilience remains the core performance driver. To support sustainable, inclusive growth, leaders and organizations need to rewire for this uncertain digital era. In some cases, entire businesses will need to be transformed. We anticipate moderate improvements in the VC ecosystem on the back of economic strength and signals of easing rates, yet venture fundraising – expected to increase slightly over 2023 – will continue to fall short of recent years. Though our world promises unpredictability, I have never been more hopeful, more energized, more convinced that our mission is within reach. Gannett.Partners is uniquely positioned to support our clients, partners and portfolio companies with effective strategies and services to drive growth through this next chapter of disruption. 


In 2024, we will continue to innovate around our IRC platform and build a diverse global coalition of business and leadership experts with the goal of unlocking more resilient executives, breakthrough ideas and valuable companies. It’s our privilege to be of service to you in any of these capacities.


From my family to yours, wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and a break ahead filled with replenishment, relaxation and joy.


My best,


Chris Gannett

CEO and Founder 

Executive Coach


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